Why a website is so important for your small business, even if you don’t sell online


Why a website is so important for your small business, even if you don’t sell online


Why a website is so important for your small business, even if you don’t sell online

If you run a small, local business, you would be forgiven for thinking that you don’t need a website to showcase your services, especially if what you are proffering cannot be sold or purchased online. However, you’d be entirely wrong. YOU NEED A WEBSITE, for these, and many other excellent reasons.


When members of the Great British (or international) public hears about your business, even when it’s a recommendation from a trusted source or they live around the corner, the first thing they are going to do is punch your name into a search engine and see if you exist, and what you have to say for yourself. If the results turn up a blank – or worse, a review website over which you have no control – that potential customer is not likely to ever make it to you *sob*. A website provides assurance that you are real and currently operating, which is rather important.

Contact Details

And when they don’t find you online, how will they find a number to call you? Or find out how to drive to you? Or email you? They won’t. The yellow pages are dead. *waves goodbye to potential client*


A website is a great place to hold testimonials and reviews from your clients, and it’s a space where you have complete control. If you have good SEO, which means you are easy to find on a search engine, you’ll encourage customers to come to you rather than a competitor or to someone else talking about your services. This is the kind of control you want to have.

Social Media + Advertising

If you have a facebook or twitter page, you might think it’s enough to encourage customers to come to you. But the majority of potential customers will want to see a solid website before the commit to using your services or buying your goods. You can imagine some of the loons on social media, and again, a website provides credibility. It’s also a great place to advertise from – on social media and on google ads – where you can be incredibly specific about who you promote your services to, including very tight locations, age, gender and interests. Without a website, this is a whole door that is closed to you.

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